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A student who wishes she had time on her hands, instead she steals it in the dead of night.



whoa I never noticed that before


Room of Requirement = Props department storage room.

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i really want a job where i can get paid for doing nothing


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the big four + skill developments

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Languages ranked from easiest to hardest for English speakers - Infographic found here

awesome infographic! :D

dude, arabic’s not THAT hard. It’s more of a medium thingy, really.

Yes, it is. I never found it hard either, but I was in a crunch course that was this long - a little less than two years. Most of the students failed. So tell THEM how it’s not “that hard.”

It’s a question of ability. Some people will also tell you French is awfully hard to learn for English speakers… It all depends on ability.

French, a little Swedish, working on Spanish… seems like I’ve been playing easy mode this whole time ;).

Having taken Arabic as well as French and Spanish, I can attest that YES Arabic is very hard for English speakers, at least compared to Romance or Germanic languages. 

I think the other thing that has an impact on how easy/hard you find languages to learn is how exposed you are to them on a day to day basis. 

Even if you don’t necessarily have (as an English speaker in England) and “education” in Germaic or Romance languages you do hear them. There was kids programmes to teach basic Spanish and French when I was a kid and I know people who are relatively fluent in both. With Arabic, as well, there are road signs and posters and information leaflets that turn up fairly frequently depending on the area you live in - even on a subconscious/casual level you are becoming familiar with less formal forms of the language and are translating it all the time. 

Whereas Korean and Japanese and Chinese and a few of the others we hear very rarely if at all. 


It’s been done so many times, but I love pokemon way too much, so xover! … =_= so sleepy…

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